Our process begins and ends with prayer. We will talk, explore and pray throughout the process as we help you discover God’s calling and thumbprint for your church or ministry.

And our process is flexible. Whether you need our full phase discover-to-delivery services or you simply need a rebrand, our process is perfect for you.

Determining who you are, where you are going and who you are reaching starts with clarity. To find clarity, we perform a thorough needs assessment through on-site visit(s), interviews, focus groups and surveys.

Areas of assessment:

Vision, mission and values
Brand clarity
Target audiences
Marketing and communication methods
Staff structure, budget and ministry program alignment
Communication process and systems
Service programming
Guest experience and connection process


We believe that once you have clarity, a brand must be created that resonates with followers and generates loyalty and trust. We design brand statements, guides and tools to advance your vision.

Guides and tools:

Vision, mission and values statements
Brand identity and development
Measurable goals
Budget structure
Internal communication plan
Communication and marketing tools
Service programming
Guest experience and connection process


We launch and connect your vision, mission, values and ministry happenings to your staff, church and community.

After delivery, we stick by your side in one or more of the following ways:

Launch campaign
Ongoing coaching (via internet or on-site)
Project management
Staff placement

End Result

Clear vision, mission and values
Inspiring brand message
Excited staff team
Budget, staff and ministry programs aligned
Measurable goals and purposes
Streamlined communication process and guide